Eye Contact Etiquette in Business

eye contact etiquette

Learn the Basics on Eye Contact Etiquette in the Work Place

Who needs eye contact etiquette? You do! One of the biggest mistakes today in business is a lack of knowing eye contact etiquette. It seems like such a simple thing to do, but if you don’t practice this simple technique, you may find yourself unknowingly avoiding eye contact. That’s what we will be covering today, and if you follow these basic steps, you’ll earn yourself a better reputation in your job when it comes to interacting with your boss, co-workers, and even customers.

Why it’s important

Credibility is key. Why would simply looking at another person in the eyes with mere eye contact etiquette give you credibility? You may not know it, but either consciously or subconsciously, your boss or co-worker is reading your face and following your facial expressions. It’s a part of how we humans communicate. If they see you staring at the ground, they’ll think that you’re uninterested in what they’re saying, thus losing your credibility as a good communicator. When you are aware of the fact that eye contact etiquette matters and confidently look the other person in the eyes, you’ll come across (as long as you don’t look creepy) as someone who is listening intently and talking truthfully.  

How it should be done and how to not look creepy

At the moment the hand shake or other method of greeting commences, you should be aware of what your eyes are doing during the conversation and whether or not you are using eye contact etiquette. If eye contact etiquette doesn’t come naturally, then you may not realize you’re staring into space, or worse – at the dusty floor! Just so we are clear, though, eye contact doesn’t have to be maintained during every second of the conversation, or it may come across as creepy! Refresh your eye contact every now and then. What do I mean by refresh? You may briefly look away for a moment, but make sure you always appear interested in what they are saying during the conversation. But the majority of the time you should be using your eye contact etiquette.

Make it a habit

To make eye contact etiquette a habit, you’ll need to first be aware of where you’re eyes are focused. Once you’ve mastered the concept of eye contact etiquette, you won’t have to think about what your eyes are doing any more. After lots of practice at your job or elsewhere, it should come naturally. It should just become a habit – an essential part of communicating.

Hope you enjoyed these Proetiq tips on eye contact etiquette in business!


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