How to Write a Thank You Letter

thank you letter

Tips on How to Write a Thank You Letter the Right Way

Many people today have overlooked the importance of constructing a well-written thank you letter. In all actuality, they can go a long way in expressing your appreciation to the recipient. So take these tips on how to write an exceptional thank you letter.

Know that writing a letter is more impressive than an email/text

While an email or text rather than an actual thank you letter would be more convenient, that’s the point….it’s more convenient! Taking the time to construct a thoughtful thank you letter on paper would make for a far better impression. After all, thank you letters are very scarce these days. Just imagine the recipient of your letter walking to his/her mailbox, expecting only to find outrageous bills and cheap perfume advertisements, and sees your thank you letter!

A handwritten letter is even better

Handwritten letters are definitely more personal and show how willing you are to go out of your way to make your thank you letter a little bit more special. Use cursive if you can, and decide whether to use a card or lined paper. Now, if you happen to be doomed to the handwriting of a three year old monkey, you might want to consider typing this one.

Avoid spelling or grammar errors

You could write the most seemingly grateful thank you letter of all time, but if it’s riddled with all sorts of spelling and grammar errors, the person who receives your letter may not be able to read it!

Address the recipient properly

Start with the traditional:

Dear (the name of the person/s),

Unless the person is someone you know well enough, you might want to address him or her by Mr./Mrs.

Clearly and genuinely express your gratitude

Be concise and sincere when you are writing your thank you letter. Talk about why you are appreciative. Just don’t be too lengthy.

Close the letter properly

When you’ve adequately articulated your appreciation and any other details or information, it’s time to close the letter with a. For the specific person you’re writing to, it is good to know how to properly end with your regards. For a more professional thank you letter, you might say:

  • Sincerely,
  • Best regards,
  • Best wishes,
  • Many thanks,

When writing to a friend or loved one, you could end it off by saying:

  • Thanks again,
  • Love,
  • Sincerely yours,
  • Hope to see you soon,

Hope you enjoyed these Proetiq tips about writing a thank you letter!

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