Tips for Newly Hired Employees Part 1

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If You’re Newly Hired, These Tips Are Just for You

It’s very logical when newly hired employees wish to succeed and make a good first impression on the first few days of the job. These tips will help you get started on that very important period of time in your new job. Let’s get started on part one of tips for newly hired employees.

Arrive as early as possible

Earn a reputation for yourself as an early bird. This will help you leave good first impression. As the newly hired employee, the impression you leave the first few days may determine how you are perceived for the rest of your time working there. You don’t want to be known as a slacker!

Be prepared to stay late

If it is necessary to stay late, just accept the task and don’t whine about it.

Come dressed appropriately

When newly hired, you want to look your best, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop looking appropriate later. As a rule of thumb, dress in a professional manner at all times.

Be dependable

Work hard and never succumb to mediocrity. Be the employee that gives 110% whenever it is required and even when it is not. Which brings us to the next tip.

Give more than expected of you

Have a mindset that you can do more than your current assignments. Regardless of being the newly hired employee, you still need to go beyond the expectations. If you particularly wish to to get a promotion, this is the sort of thing that can help. Suppose your boss is observing to individuals he’s hired and examining their progress, wondering who should get a promotion. One employee does exactly what is expected of him. No more and no less. The other, however, is very proactive and always exceeds beyond what is required of him. Now which one will receive the promotion? The first employee described, or the second? Well, (unless the first one is related to or is a close friend of the boss) the second one of course!

Hope you enjoyed these Proetiq tips on being a newly hired employee.

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