Why Integrity Matters in the Workplace Part 2

integrity matters in the workplace

Do You Think Integrity Matters in the Workplace? You Bet!

In the previous blog, we used an example story to portray why integrity matters in the workplace. If you haven’t already read it first, you can read part one here. In the illustration, we learned that Bill lacked a good deal of integrity because he not only ignored his duty and accepted credit for the work he did not do, but also stole the ice cream he was supposed to be serving. Joe, however, understood that integrity matters in the workplace, and he did the right thing even when no one was watching, sweeping the floor when Bill was supposed to.

Continuing the example story of why integrity matters in the workplace

The manager checked out the security footage and he saw what he was looking for. As he watched the tape, he spotted, to his horror, a large ice cream cone with extra gummy bears being cheerfully devoured by none other than his supposedly loyal employee, Bill. Infuriated, he called Bill over to his office. Bill, who was quite nervous at this point, entered anxiously. What happened then? Well, Bill was fired of course. Once the manager discovered that Bill had been practically a parasite in his ice cream business for so long, he told Bill that he didn’t want him stepping inside his ice cream shop ever again.

Joe, on the other hand, got a raise. The manager recognized for the first time the contrast between his two employees. Joe knew that integrity matters in the workplace, and actually applied this concept in his job. Bill never learned this lesson, however. In fact, his lack of integrity at his job affected him beyond the workplace. Because he was so used to lying, cheating, procrastinating, and stealing at work, Bill did the same everywhere else!

Joe was the more successful one because he cared about his work. He cared about his own integrity. Joe didn’t choose the easy life, but instead chose to work hard and do the right thing no matter where he was or who was watching. In our own workplace, we too, must do the same, knowing that integrity matters in the workplace.

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