Why Your Business Appearance Matters

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Your Business Appearance Is More Important than You Think

Do you ever find yourself slacking off when it comes to dressing the way you should? Do you have the right business appearance? The way you portray yourself in a work environment sends a clear and precise message to clients, customers, employers, and even employees about you. Whether that message is good or bad depends on you and the choices you make when you decide what you’ll put on in the morning. Your business appearance matters.

What does your business appearance mean for customers?

As a customer, imagine that you are going to go buy a car. When you arrive, a car salesman is there to greet you and help you find the right car for you. He seems like a nice guy, but there’s one problem – his business appearance. The car salesman is dressed in ripped, baggy jeans, flip flops, an old shirt that reeks of sweat, and a cigarette in his mouth. What impression does this make on your decision to buy a car from this car salesman? Does his business appearance seem professional? Or does it simply indicate an apathy for his own business appearance? The first thing you’ll do is probably to tell him that you’re just looking around and drive immediately out of that place before you begin to smell like cigarette smoke! This is just an example of the impact your business appearance makes on the customers that you serve.

What does your business appearance mean for your boss?

Now put yourself in your boss’s shoes for a moment (unless you are a boss yourself). You just hired a good, hard-working employee named Carl. Carl, for the first few days on the job, dressed appropriately enough. However, after a while you notice that he is all of a sudden slacking off from the dress code and a good business appearance. Sometimes Carl even wears pink shorts, and you start to worry that he is sending a bad message about your company to the customers. So, logically, you confront Carl and tell him that if he does not start dressing appropriately for work, you’ll have to fire him. These are just illustrations, but the same meaning applies in real life. Remember to always look your best and to always remember that your business appearance matters.

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